Passion you can taste

Italia and coffee: a true love story. Drinking coffee is a ritual of well-being, a moment for oneself, a passion that Beppe Signori always had and kept. He drank an espresso before every game and it became an indispensable ritual. Beppe wanted to share this passion; his determination and attention to detail: The perfect blend was born.

Signori188 coffee is a source of peace and tranquility which makes this blend so special.
To be a true scorer, it takes so many goals. Beppe Signori knows the rules, so he has carefully selected Signori188's coffee beans.
188 coffee for real bombers!

Love is best, when you share it

For years we have enjoyed Beppe's coffee, shared it with friends and drank far too much of it alone. Now we have decided to bring this wonderful roast to the market. 


Passionate pickers with attention to detail, love for the product and a commitment to provide the highest quality, are a prerequisite. We went to the source to obtain the best beans and it took very long, until we found the perfect roasting plant in the northern part of Italy.


The selection of the beans and the blend is based on the love for coffee of Beppe. All his fascination goes into the detail which makes this coffee unique. His "favourite blend" is exactly what he prefers to drink - even after years of refinement.


Such a great coffee is usually massively overpriced and therefore usually only available to a small circle. We have teamed up with coffee farmers and the coffee roasting industry to eliminate unnecessary suppliers or logicians and offer you a product that is truly unique.

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